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Meet Your Facilitator

Carly Osborn and Ron Davis (Founder of DDAI)

Mrs. Carly Osborn

Carly Osborn is a licensed and certified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator (over 1,000 hours of training) as well as a graduate of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program.

Carly is dyslexic and struggled with reading and spelling all her life until she found the Davis® Program when she was 16. She had success through the Davis® Program because it was the only dyslexia correction program that viewed her dyslexia as a gift instead of a disability. After the completion of the program, she was able to take control and responsibility for the disorientation that caused her dyslexia and had also found her passion in life. 


She completed her Davis Facilitator training in March 2015 and is a licensed Davis® Program provider. Carly's background enables her to be able to sympathize with her clients and understand their struggles. Carly and her husband live in the Downtown Historic Dignowity neighborhood in San Antonio, TX, but is willing to travel to the clients home for programs.

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