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Does my child need to have documentation of having dyslexia?

No, your child does not need to have proof of having dyslexia in order to be considered for a Davis® Program. In fact, there are many children who have gone through a Davis® Program to improve reading/writing/math/attention skills who dont have dyslexia. It is beneficial for everyone!


How is the Davis® Program different from other methods?

The Davis® Programs are very unique! Children are NOT required to do Phonics, tests or quizes, reading placements, memorization or use of colored bifocals, colored paper... ect. Instead, the Davis® Program focuses on giving total responsibility/control of orientation to the student without having to rely on unnecessary steps. See the bottom of the home page for a visual comparison.


Do Davis® facilitators diagnose dyslexia or other learning disabilities?

No. Davis® facilitators are not responsible for diagnosing dyslexia or other learning disabilities. However, before a client can be recomended for any of the Davis® programs, an assessment with the facilitator must be scheduled in order to determine if the child will be well suited for the program. Click HERE  or call (210) 867-6990 to schedule an assessment today!


How can I register my child in a Davis® Program if they are currently in school? 
The Davis® Program is highly effective and makes it worth taking your child out of school for a imited amount of time! The amount of knowlege given during a Davis® Program is worth years of information taught at school. If another option must be considered, it is suggested to book an assessment immediately in order to schedule an program during the Summer.


How much does the assessment and Davis® Program cost?

Assessments are $100; however, if you or your child chooses to enroll in a Davis® program, that $100 will be subtracted from the program fee.

For more information, please call (210) 867-6990 or click HERE.

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